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By Garry Thomas Morse

In tribute to the surrealist narrative options of André Breton and Robert Desnos, Minor Episodes files the serial adventures of youngster, the ever present "everymogul" who embodies the commercial one percentage and retains musically erotic quixotics on faucet. Having entered a "rent in time" that provides each one bankruptcy an alternative fact, Minor swaggers via an undersea on line casino, in-flight blockbuster, bawdy Western, and Kafkaesque activity hunt, cavorting with billboard queen Bébé Lala and country-music legend religion religion, whilst no longer dressing down his shifty sidekick, The Concierge, or haunting the intensely disinterested songstress leave out Sharp. besides the fact that, threat looms within the type of The Stropper, a serial killer clean out of a shaving advertising, and an enigmatic ginger-beer icon who has retired from a pleasing lifetime of culinary assassinations.

Major Ruckus, a contrapuntal textual content and parody of the speculative fiction style, celebrates the stylistic ideas of William S. Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson, following a frenzied fight by way of numerous events to acquire a necessary time-travel part, a fight that comes with psychic "dicks," common call-center operators, aboriginal eroticists, lubricant heiresses, rogue commercial animations, pornography censors, and alien sperm-bank clones, all to the horrified fascination of hapless meta-writer Oober Mann. yet finally it's Carl Sagan who creates the main confusion, while his prudish doodle of a girl is shipped into house aboard the Voyager probe, triggering a plan to "assist" Earth's declining inhabitants via extraterrestrials within the guise of census takers.

Minor Episodes and Major Ruckus introduce The Chaos! Quincunx series.

Garry Thomas Morse is a Governor General's Award–nominated poet and fiction writer.

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