“I was never much for hang time until we got Ray. But then we started clocking how long his punt hung in the air. Sometimes he kept it up there as long as six seconds!” —John Madden, former Raider Coach

“Normally Chicago Bulls basketball superstar Michael Jordan is synonymous with hang time. But before Jordan, it was (Ray) Guy.” —Quwan Spears, Sacramento Bee

“The best punter I’ve ever known.” —John Madden former Raider coach, professional sportscaster

“He’s only the greatest kicker who ever lived.” —Curley Hallman, Southern Mississippi Head Coach

He’s the first punter you could look at and say, ‘He won games.'” —Joe Horrigan, Pro Football Hall of Fame historian

“Ray Guy was the only draft choice our coaches and scouts agreed on unanimously” —John Madden former Raiders Coach, Professional Sportscaster

“Few people can say they were the best ever at what they did. Ray Guy retired with that satisfaction.” —Chuck Abadie, The Hattiesburg American

“That thing had ‘Ray Guy’ hang time.” —ESPN Sportscaster Chris Berman

“Our offensive coaches wanted Ray Guy, our defensive coaches wanted Ray Guy, and the head coach really wanted Ray Guy.” —John Madden, former Raiders Coach, professional sportscaster

“A helluva athlete, the best ever to play his position in the history of the game.” —Al Davis, Oakland Raiders Owner

“Those who earn their living in pro football say he’s the finest punter in the history of the world.” —The Sporting News

“Think back over the history of any sport. Very often there has been one guy who stood out above the superstars – just as (Ray) Guy stands out in punting. It just happens.” —Tex Schramm, Former Dallas Cowboys President President

“I go in there to kick for the Raiders. If I have to kick a 32-yarder, I’ll kick a 32-yarder. I’ll do my best to help us win the game. I’m not concerned about statistics. I know what I can do and my teammates know.” —Ray Guy, Oakland Tribune (1980 Season)

“He’s the first punter you could look at and say, He won games.” —Joe Horrigan, Pro Football Hall of Fame Historian